Monday, 18 January 2010

Senior management fury

Or rather fury at senior management! They really messed up today, in my opinion. My head of department found out on Thursday in an email what we were supposed to me doing in our department meetings today, however she was not in school today due to being at a standardisation meeting so could not look up the information or really spend any time working out what we had to do. So the meeting began about half an hour late because she was trying to find out what to do (which meant I missed by XC meeting which was supposed to start at 4.00 but my head of department told me I had to email the head of XC and tell her I wouldn’t be there!). We had three sheets of paper, none of which made sense, one had instructions, and the other two had boxes that we were supposed to fill in. We read through it but didn't really understand it. My head of department tried to show up on the computer but the data we needed was not available. We were supposed to collate the pupils tracking grade compared to their target grade and find out if he were on or above target. But the spread sheet we were supposed to use did not have the pupils current attainment!! It was ridiculous; truly, we didn’t know what we were doing. However my head of department insisted that we should do something so we collated what we could from our recent tracking then I had to go through an excel document and look at every pupil who was underachieving (by looking down the list an comparing the two) and try to find some pattern to the people who were underachieving. It was a nightmare and probably a waste of time, although I did hear the deputy talking about OFSTED coming so I think they are panicking a bit.

On top of this today I also got told to go and take a bath fatty and shut up you stupid spastic.

Gosh what a lovely day!

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