Monday, 25 January 2010

Cross again

Really cross again today, not just because my year 11's had done no work and my year 8 class were incredibly noisy again, but because  my Head of Department asked me to stay after school to tidy the 6th form room for the open evening tonight.
Now you may think there is nothing wrong with this request, but let me just give you some background details:
I got my year 12's to tidy the photography 6th form room on Friday, (I am going to be in photography for open evening), I only teach year 12 art three times over 2 weeks, and I am not going to be in art for open evening.
I was annoyed and I think she could tell, I wanted to go home and bake some bread and have at least a bit of my life to myself before having to go back to school again, is that so unreasonable?
I am slightly worried now though because I chatted to the teacher who I share A Level photography with and he is also a deputy head and said how hard I was finding it all and how I found the kids horrible and wasn't coping well with the stress of GCSE and A Level and how I came to work to earn money and not for anything else.  He said that he would even come into work if he didn't get paid!!
Oh dear, is he going to think really badly of me now?
Oh dear, feeling really depressed about teaching again now.


  1. It pays sometimes to be circumspect and tell a few white lies :-)

  2. Thanks for your comment the other day! :) I hope you do end up getting some time to bake that bread...we all need a bit of time for ourselves!! :)